Automate IT Operations

Assure application performance while safely saving on your cloud costs

A Big IT Challenge for Businesses

It has never been more challenging to assure applications deliver exceptional customer experiences that drive positive business results.

The impact of a 1-second delay

AI powered observability with dynamic resource management

Enterprise Observability Platform – Automatically discover, map and visualize the full application & technology stack in real-time

  • Automatically discovers, maps and visualizes the application topology and technology stack in real time
  • Identifies slow application response times and accelerates root cause analysis of architecture and code issues
  • Highlights constrained resources that pose risk to application performance
Application Resource Management – Continuously assure application performance. Applications get the resources they need when they need them as demand fluctuates

  • Abstracts entire application and multicloud environments into a supply chain with full-stack dependency mapping
  • Uses analytics continuously to generate automatable actions, giving applications the resources they need when they need them at every layer of the stack
  • Accelerates customer automation journeys through closed-loop integration between Turbonomic and APM platforms

Why IBM for AIOps?
- IBM differentiation in the AIOps market -

Improve speed, utilization and service delivery by turning to AI powered automation.

Faster decision making

Full-stack and enterprise observability

Better resource optimization

Dynamic resource and cost optimization

Proactive Resolution

Problem determination, remediation, avoidance

The Business Value


benefits per 100 employees


five-year ROI

11.3 months

to payback

34% more

efficient IT operations

30% higher

developer productivity

14% greater

efficiency in business
process management

30% greater

analytics team productivity

$8 million

higher annual revenue
per organization

Instana and Turbonomic – Better Together

See the Problem, Solve the Problem

Instana + Turbonomic Together: Value Propositions

IBM Instana’s eBook: “The Six Fundamental Pillars of Managing Microservice Applications”

The modern application stack has evolved.

In these modern applications, there’s one constant—constant change!

To effectively manage modern cloud-native microservice applications, DevOps teams need real-time visibility, automated observability and a way for all application stakeholders to get the necessary data in a way that makes sense to them at the exact time they need it.

Discover in this eBook how DevOps teams can reach up-to-date visibility to track their applications’ structures and dependencies accurately.

Inside you’ll discover:

  1. Automatic, continuous discovery and mapping
  2. Precise high-fidelity visibility
  3. Cloud, container and microservice native
  4. Real-time full stack application data model
  5. AI-assisted monitoring and troubleshooting
  6. Integration into development and CI/CD pipelines

About Accuras

Accuras is a technology value-added reseller and consulting company with its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, and an operational office in New Jersey, USA. We partner with trusted, industry-leading technology solution providers to empower organizations to lay the foundation for DevOps Automation, Digital Transformation, AI Operationalization, Cyber Resiliency and Sustainability & ESG Reporting.

We solve complex business problems through an interdisciplinary approach, combining domain knowledge, technical expertise, and zero-tolerance customer satisfaction to deliver solutions on time and within budget with 100% accuracy.

We provide expertise and services in five domains.

  • Data Fabric and Data Governance
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine-learning, Predictive Analytics and Optimization
  • Data, Application and Resource Observability
  • Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience
  • Sustainability & ESG Reporting

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