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Automate IT Operations

Assure application performance while safely saving on your cloud costs

A Big IT Challenge for Businesses

It has never been more challenging to assure applications deliver exceptional customer experiences that drive positive business results.

The impact of a 1-second delay

AI powered observability with dynamic resource management

Enterprise Observability Platform – Automatically discover, map and visualize the full application & technology stack in real-time

  • Automatically discovers, maps and visualizes the application topology and technology stack in real time
  • Identifies slow application response times and accelerates root cause analysis of architecture and code issues
  • Highlights constrained resources that pose risk to application performance
Application Resource Management – Continuously assure application performance. Applications get the resources they need when they need them as demand fluctuates

  • Abstracts entire application and multicloud environments into a supply chain with full-stack dependency mapping
  • Uses analytics continuously to generate automatable actions, giving applications the resources they need when they need them at every layer of the stack
  • Accelerates customer automation journeys through closed-loop integration between Turbonomic and APM platforms

Why IBM for AIOps?
- IBM differentiation in the AIOps market -

Improve speed, utilization and service delivery by turning to AI powered automation.

Faster decision making

Full-stack and enterprise observability

Better resource optimization

Dynamic resource and cost optimization

Proactive Resolution

Problem determination, remediation, avoidance

The Business Value


benefits per 100 employees


five-year ROI

11.3 months

to payback

34% more

efficient IT operations

30% higher

developer productivity

14% greater

efficiency in business
process management

30% greater

analytics team productivity

$8 million

higher annual revenue
per organization

Instana and Turbonomic – Better Together

See the Problem, Solve the Problem

Instana + Turbonomic Together: Value Propositions

IBM Instana’s eBook: “The Six Fundamental Pillars of Managing Microservice Applications”

The modern application stack has evolved.

In these modern applications, there’s one constant—constant change!

To effectively manage modern cloud-native microservice applications, DevOps teams need real-time visibility, automated observability and a way for all application stakeholders to get the necessary data in a way that makes sense to them at the exact time they need it.

Discover in this eBook how DevOps teams can reach up-to-date visibility to track their applications’ structures and dependencies accurately.

Inside you’ll discover:

  1. Automatic, continuous discovery and mapping
  2. Precise high-fidelity visibility
  3. Cloud, container and microservice native
  4. Real-time full stack application data model
  5. AI-assisted monitoring and troubleshooting
  6. Integration into development and CI/CD pipelines

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Accuras Inc. is a leading consulting and technology firm specializing in Data Science, Cyber Security, and Cloud services. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with a strategic operational hub in New Jersey, USA, we are ideally positioned to serve a diverse range of clients across the globe.

We form strategic partnerships with pioneering solution providers worldwide, enabling us to empower our clients in their journey towards DevOps Automation, Digital Transformation, AI Operationalization, Cyber Resilience, and Sustainability. Our broad client base spans from government organizations to innovative start-ups and established mid-sized companies.

Our team is composed of highly skilled IT consultants, DevOps engineers, and Data scientists, each with a wealth of expertise in current and emerging technology platforms. At Accuras Inc., we pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and innovate, ensuring our clients remain at the cutting edge of their respective industries.

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