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What if data could save the planet?

Connect your strategy with day-to-day operations to embed sustainability into your business transformation.

The challenges and the opportunity

As companies deal with continuous disruptions and challenges to business operations and supply chain management, building resilient business processes has never been more important to the enterprise.

To ensure a positive impact on people, the planet and business profitability, industry leaders are looking to accelerate sustainability initiatives around five key imperatives.

  1. Climate risk management and environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting
  2. Resilient infrastructure and intelligent operations
  3. Intelligent supply chain management
  4. Emissions and energy management
  5. Sustainability strategy

Take Action


Set, act and execute on clear environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals wih exceptional data discipline across your enterprise.


Establish your ESG data foundation and a clear baseline with a single system of record.


Leverange the links between your ESG data and operational systems to enable actions based on insights.

Use Cases

Move toward a sustainable business model using a roadmap that’s informed by data. Drive action and outcomes.

Read the ‘Balancing sustainability and profitability’ research brief highlighting how businesses can protect people, the planet, and the bottom line.

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Use environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting to integrate data silos. Find new opportunities to drive positive change across your operations.

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Create a lower-emissions business. Use automation to track resource usage, reduce costs and improve services.

Reduce waste, lower cost, and improve environmental circularity when you create a more-resilient supply chain.

Building resilient, intelligent supply chains Recent worldwide disruptions have revealed structural weaknesses in existing supply chain models.

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Build a responsible computing platform with cloud and AI to virtualize, consolidate and optimize workloads.

IT Sustainability Beyond the Data Center

Enterprises that want to reduce their carbon footprint should expand their sustainability goals to include green IT and responsible computing.

Explore IBM Turbonomic

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Powerful Alone. Better Together.

Envizi offers a comprehensive software platform to drive sustainability performance management – whether you need to consolidate your data, streamline reporting, identify efficiency opportunities, or inform business strategy.

Our solutions are powerful alone, but even better when used together.

There’s a smarter way to navigate your sustainability journey.

We help organizations harness the power of data and analytics to optimize for the low carbon future.
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IBM Maximo Application Suite

Intelligent asset management, monitoring, predictive maintenance and reliability in a single platform
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