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Modernize Your FP&A System

Modernize your legacy Financial Planning and Analysis application to get better scalability, reliability, and flexibility by moving to IBM Planning Analytics on Cloud.

Plan for Anything. Be ready for Everything.

The Value

A fully managed analytics platform, delivered as-a-service in which IBM provides…
  • Hardware and Software Infrastructure
  • Automatic Upgrades: Latest innovations as they are released
  • 99.9% uptime with automated back-ups
  • Performance Tuning
  • Continuous application monitoring 
  • Disaster Recovery 
  • Data security – Encrypted at rest or while in motion
  • Infinitely scalable, containerized platform
  • Capacity expansion with zero down-time

The Benefit

Addresses Critical Business Pain Points
  • Do you have a corporate direction to move to cloud?
  • Are you constantly back-level on releases?
  • Do you have too many tools that perform the same purpose?
  • Do you have a shortage of certain Planning Analytics skills?
  • Do you need to find a way to provide a superior service but at a greatly reduced cost?
Manage Cost
  • Eliminate the purchase of  expensive hardware that depreciates 
  • Start your projects IMMEDIATELY
  • Reduced staffing requirement to maintain your environments
No Disruption
  • Workloads continue to run the way they do today 
  • No need to modify or change current business practices
  • Users of the on-premise software will be immediately productive on the Cloud software equivalent
Planning Analytics Cloud Adoption Program
  • Leverage the value of your current S&S spend to contract your cloud environment!
  • 12mo dual-support for your current on-premise deployment and your new SaaS environment
  • Continue to run existing workloads on-premise and either lift & shift existing or create new workloads in the cloud
  • At the end of the Dual Entitlement Period:
    • Move to the Cloud and stop paying your S&S, or
    • Stay on-premise and continue to pay S&S for your on-premise without any penalties

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Planning Analytics Workspace

New web-based interface for Planning Analytics

Covers functionalities (replacing legacy clients)

  • Write back and reporting (TM1Web)
  • Administration (Architect)
  • Modeling (Architect, Performance Modeler)
  • Monitoring (Operation Console)
  • Work with websheets (TM1Web)
  • Create visualizations and dashboards
  • Use snap commands
  • Hierarchies for more flexible modeling

Planning Analytics for Excel

New Microsoft Excel add-in for TM1 database replacing CAFÉ
  • Superior performance over WAN driven by REST API meaning no Citrix needed
  • Shares components with PA Workspace
  • TM1 functions based reports, Active Forms and Flex Views
  • Publishes reports to TM1 Web and PA Workspace as websheets
  • Support new Hierarchies features

Four different report types

  • Exploration – slice/dice/pivot analysis
  • Quick Reports – fast worksheet design
  • Dynamic Reports – row interactivity (zero suppression, expand, collapse)
  • Custom Reports – highly formatted forms and reports

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