Be Prepared for Cyber Attacks

No company, organization, or network is impenetrable in today’s digital ecosystem.

Cyberattacks are increasing worldwide, with 38% more cyberattacks per week on corporate networks in 2022, compared to 2021, reaching an all-time high in Q4 with an average of 1168 weekly attacks per organization.

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  • Build an effective line of defence against cyber threats?
  • Manage risks and vulnerabilities?
  • Prepare for a cyberattack?

In today’s digital ecosystem, no company no organization no network is impenetrable.

As operations move online and businesses are accelerating data creation and usage, digitization and the proliferation of data has led to an increase in the complexity of IT operations, as well the risk of human error and system failures.


Three pillars are at the core of our solutions

Build an effective line of defense
Redefine Cyber Resilience


Prepare for a cyber attack
Simulate phishing attacks


Measure your attack surface resistance
Reduce privileged account access risks



What is your recovery time objective in the event of an cyber incident?

Average recovery operation from a cyber attackis 23 days. Yet, this can be reduced to hours with a modern data protection and cyber resilience in place.

IBM FlashSystem creates immutable copies of data that cannot be altered or deleted, isolated and protected against all forms of corruption, and recover quickly from ransomware and other cyberattacks.

Become more cyber resilient

Are you prepared for a cyberattack?

More than 90% of successful cyber attacks worldwide begin with a phishing email. provides an enterprise-grade solution to simulate phishing threats and provide instant training to employees.

Test your users

Choose or edit your attack scenario among hundreds of ready-to-use templates.

Train and test your users

Train your personnel on computer with interactive training contents.

Test your security infrastructure

Close the vulnerabilities identified by Secure Electronic Messaging Simulation.

Provide rapid response to the incidents

Prioritize and manage the e-mails notified by the personnel.

Is your Access Management tool in line with next-generation cyber-attacks?

Identity is the common denominator in all attacks. 80% of security breaches involve stolen privileged credentials, and privileged users have access to the most sensitive data in an organization.

Saporo uses machine-learning driven analysis and graph theory to test an organization’s attack surface, and helps organisations increase their cyber-resistance by prioritising and reducing user access risk.

Shift left, anticipate attacks

Saporo discovers all attack paths and related misconfigurations and vulnerabilities so you can take action before they are exploited. Manage your attack surface and harden your security posture across hybrid environments such as MS AD & Azure.

Contextualized prioritization​

Saporo helps prioritize efforts by removing the easiest and most attractive targets attackers can and will likely exploit. By interrupting thousands or millions of attack paths at critical points, Saporo significantly reduces your risk with minimal effort.

Security by design

Saporo lets you safely assess, test and simulate changes and involve teams beyond security. Saporo can assist teams who create or make system updates in better understanding the security and business impact of these changes.

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