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No more surprises.
Deliver trustworthy data.

Detect and resolve your data issues faster than ever with Databand. The only proactive data observability platform that catches bad data before it impacts your business.

5 Steps to Achieve Proactive Data Observability

Data observability is about understanding your system’s health and state of data.
It relies on several activities and technologies to enable teams to collect, profile, alert, and resolve data issues in near real-time.

What is in this ebook?

This eBook will explore that approach in detail, including the common challenges organisations face along the way and five steps to overcome those challenges to achieve proactive data observability.

  • What is Data Observability?
  • Challenges on the Path to Data Observability
  • Steps to Achieve Proactive Data Observability
  • Why Proactive Data Observability Matters
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Business Challenge:

Catching issues before they create costly impacts to your business

Solution: The

Proactive data observability for data engineering

  • Detect data incidents early, resolve them fast, and deliver trustworthy data.
  • Databand operationalizes the immediate detection and resolution of data incidents.

Detect Earlier

Pinpoint unknown data incidents, and reduce mean time to detection (MTTD) from days to minutes.

Resolve Faster

Improve mean time to resolution (MTTR) with incident alerts and routing from weeks to hours.

Deliver Trustworthy Data

Ensure confident decision-making for business consumers and keep customers happy.

Data observability and incident management by the

Automatically collect metadata From all key solutions in the modern data stack – DO, PO, DL
Build histroical baseline Based on common data pipeline behavior.
Alert on anomalies and rules Based on deviations or breaches.
Resolve through automation Create smart workflows to remediate data quality issues and keep SLAs on track

Our secret sauce

Our secret sauce is how we collect, analyze and prioritize the 2 critical categories of data pipeline reliability, at scale and in real time.

We are different, see why

Let’s face it. There are a lot of data observability solutions out there. Here’s why Databand’s “shift-left” approach is different.

Unlike others that only monitor data-at-rest in your warehouse, we provide the only proactive data observability that ties directly into all stages of your data pipelines, starting with your source data.

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